Sunday Reading: Research review, myths, nutrition, grip, OHP and podcasts

Eat.Move.Improve have a step by step guide to a free standing handstand with videos of the steps.

Bodyweight Fitness for Travellers and Vagabonds – The 1-Minute Handstand

Eric Cressey has written a guest article for Mens Health about what to do if you can’t squat deep.

Strength Training Programs: What to Do If You Can’t Squat Deep

Jonathan Goodman from has written a guest post on that is about boiling down the four essential movements to to its basic technique and what they all have in common despite all the variations of these four basics.

Hacking the New Exercise Learning Curve


Authority Nutrition have an very interesting list of the 11 biggest lies in mainstream nutrition. In paritcular check out #1

Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition

Jordan Syatt goes through some myths and interesting research on nutrition for strength performance.

Peri-Workout Nutrition for Strength Performance

Research reviews.

Alan Aragon have a monthly research review journal where he concentrates on training, nutrition and supllementaion. You can read the first issue for free to get a taste of what its about

Alan Aragorns’s Research Review

First issue of Alan Aragorn’s Research Review

Brett Contreras and Chris Beardsley have a monthly review journal called Strength and Conditioning where they review the latest studies in strength and conditioning, biomechanics, physical therapy, and physiology.

Strength and Conditioning Research

Grip work

Joe Weir has a two part guide on hand grippers. The first part covers the resistence of the CoC grippers and a training plan. The second part covers some myths and general info you should know when shopping for one. The third link to an alternative way of training the grip, I have already mentioned this before it’s the crumbling up newspapers way of training.

The Gripper Guide

Gripper Guide Continued

Finger grip strengthening

Shoulder Pain and Overhead Pressing

Ryan Brown from the juggernaut have a guide to shoulder pain where he lists the most likely places that give you trouble.

A Guide to Shoulder Pain-Part 1

A Guide to Shoulder Pain-Part 2

Dean Somerset has written an excellent article for T-Nation about how to do over pressing without any shoulder pain, including some weighted exercises for stabilizing the shoulder.

Smart Overhead Pressing


I have found three excellent fitness related podcasts. The first one is only indirectly related to fitness, it is the unofficial podcast of fitocracy.

The Jack-N-Out-Connection

The second one is Muscle College Radio from and it features Dr. Layne Norton and Dr. Jake Wilson where they talk about hypertrophy and research science. It is a new weekly show with just two episodes so far so you can get in before its hip.

Muscle College Radio

The third podcast is from Bret Contreras and Jonathan Fass where they talk about research, the science method and of course glutes.

The Strength of Evidence


Sunday Reading: DOMS, diet, bench foot placement and more

Going forward I will probably gather up all the interesting training and nutrition related articles I find and publish them on Sunday.

This inaugrigal Sunday reading consists of nutrient density, dieting thoughs, bodyweight regulation, a ketosis guide, a bodybuilder cutting diet, foot placement on the bench press, anabolic window, DOMS, how to do your first pull-up, and finally a story on how Benedikt Magnusson deadlifted 1015 pounds

I found this interesting lecture where Mathieu Lalonde, PhD, breaks down a whole list of foods into their nutrient density.

Mathieu Lalonde, PhD — Nutrient Density: Sticking to the Essentials

Fellow fito and wordpress blogger gregnuckols have a short post on general dieting. This is a very basic post about what you need to focus on, e.g. low cards and no processed foods, depending on how much weight you need to loose.

Some general thoughts on dieting by Greg Nuckols

If you wish to know a whole lot more about the technical aspects of fat and keto, I recommend you read Lyle McDonald’s excellent site.

Lyle McDonald – Bodyweight regulation Leptin

A good primer and an introduction to what the hell keto is below. It explains pretty much everything and it have links to further reading.

Guide to ketosis

Layne Norton, explains in this guide how to loose fat while maintaining strength. As Norton points out the emphasis in this is on cutting while maintaining strenth. Useful as preparation for shows.

The Ultimate Cutting Diet – Devised By Pro Natural Bodybuilder Layne Norton

Julia Ladewski has a guide on what your foot placement in the bench press should be based on your build and mobility.

Foot placement on the bench press: What is right?

In this paper Alan Aragon and Brad Schoenfeld goes over studies previous studies about nutrient timing and protein intake to see if the anabolic window exists

Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?: post-exercise nutrient timing

Got DOMS (muscle soreness) and wish to know more? There is no better place than at fellow fito fellrnr’s DOMS wiki page.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Greatist has a great article on exercises you can do to build up the strength necessary to do your first pull-up.

I want to….do a Pull-Up

Finally for something a little, but not completely, different the story on how Benedikt Magnusson deadlifted 1015 pounds (460.4kg) with comparatively little training.

Benni and the 1015 pound deadlift

Standing Overhead Press (OHP) technique and 3 press fixes

These two videos does an excellent job of explaining the correct technique for the press and 3 press fixes that a lot of people do.

First off is Mark Rippetoe from Starting Strength fame, describing the technique as taught in the 3rd edition of Starting Strength.

Second link is to Justin from explaining 3 common press errors.