First outdoor shooting of the year and new loot

Today I went along with some other members of the club to raid a nearby archery shop. We all came back with varying amount of loot, including new arrows, faces, nocks and so plenty more.

I was going to get a Beiter plunger, but I found out that the long plunger I need for my Samick Sage/Polaris bow is not very widely used anymore, and I didn’t want to pay that amount for a plunger I can only use on this bow. Heck, the plunger costs more than I paid for the bow.

In the end I came back with a new Easton backpack, Orange neon wraps, so the arrows are easier to find when I miss, particularly useful for 3d, and some nifty little magnet thing so you can quickly detach and attach small things like an arrow puller.

Archery loot, April 2015

Oh, and before I forget. After the raid was over we all celebrated with the first unofficial outdoor shooting, the weather was perfect! the sun was shining and there was no wind, and at least 3 rabbits was frolicking while we were there.