Wintershooting. 12-11-2014

Today was the last leg of the winter shooting tournament arranged by I got some rather peculiar results. My result after 30 arrows was 183, my results for the next 30 arrows was also 183. I don’t think that has ever happened before.

I did have some bad miss shoots and most of arrows spread to all the winds. The good news is that I realized what I had been doing wrong slash forgot to do. I had forgot to draw along my cheek which meant that I got an inconsistent anchor at my chin. Once I remembered that I got much better results.

Anyway the you shoot 60 arrows not 30 so my result was 366 points.

The picture below is of my last 3 arrows, and the last arrow hit the center, not a bad way to end the shooting, with 10-9-8.


Last arrow, 10 points.


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