Halloween event 2014

Did not get any training done today, as today was a Halloween event in the archery club. Some very enterprising members had made cakes and decorated with ghosts and similar. As for shooting everyone was to shoot at a pumpkin that had two yellow stickers as eyes, this was the only area that counted, at least initially.

You see we all had to shoot with longbows and no one in the club, at least none present, normally shoots with a longbow so we were all on unfamiliar territory. On top of that, we had to use our non-dominant arm. That was round one, and since nobody even hit the pumpkin, the rules was changed so that we could use our dominant arm instead. That helped a little, but I was still at a disadvantage as all the bows were right handed and I am left handed.

However since we still did not get any points, the rules was altered again so that 1: all the kids were shooting closer and 2: just hitting the pumpkin would give 5 points.

This finally moved the score along and after we had shot the designated 6 arrows we had just two shooters left which then went into a reshoot, and amazingly enough they both scored the same with their two arrows. At this, it was declared a draw and we could get on with packing up and eating the rest of the cake.


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