Training 27-10-2014

Time to put into practice what I had learned from the seminar. I wrote about changing my foot position because of my arrows going to the left, while I have decided to leave them as it is as I found out why; I had completely forgotten to use the bowstring as a rear sight marker. That fixed the arrows going to the left.

I did have two good rounds, but right now, there are too many things to think of to get consistent good results. I have to

1: Make sure the bowstring is in the same place each time.

2: shoot with a low shoulder

3: make double sure I don’t over grip with my bow hand.

The two rounds, 30 arrows each, I scored for were 203 points. Which is just 1 point short of a tie with my best indoor score, and 171 points. Not too bad but I could definitely see my score drop towards the end with a miss and several arrows in the black and white lines.

Oh and I adjusted my nock point so that took some getting used to.


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