Seminar with Martin Damsbo, Patrick Laursen and Erica Anear

I had been looking forward to today as today is the day when the seminar which one the clubs archers won earlier this year was taking place, and it was a great. The price was to have two national level archers and trainers come and coach us. The two were Martin Damsbo and Patrick Laursen, as a bonus Erica Anear also came along to help out.

All of us had our form looking over and recorded and was giving things to work with. Hopefully I will have those videos soon so I can share them with you.

I found out I need to work with relaxing my bow hand as it was way too tight. I had a tendency to grip it immediately after release, which isn’t  a bad thing if it always happened after release, but sometimes it happened after. Since I am using a finger sling I might as well learn to relax the whole time and let the sling catch the bow.  On the plus side my back tension and release was fine.

After I had adjusted my bow hand my groupings were immediately better. but unfortunately they now had a tendency to go left. I learned that the reason for this was my foot position. Playing around with my foot position I found out I could adjust it so the the arrows wasn’t going so far to the left. I also learned you can have too wide a position as my arrows started to go right at one point.

Overall I think it was a great experience and I learned quite a few things I probably wouldn’t have noticed on my own, and if I remember to do things properly I will hit the center.


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