Start of wintershooting

My club has signed up for an online wintershooting contest organzied by, and today was the first start of the competition. Its an indoor contest so its at 18 meters and at 40cm full face or triple face with two rounds of each 30 arrows.

First round: 183 points,

First round: 183 points,

Second round: 161 points

Second round: 161 points

I got 183 in the first round and 161 int he second for a total of 344 points – a long way up to the full 600. But hey I am not aiming for that anyway.

In other news I fixed my elbow getting in the way. The trick is to turn the shoulder deltoids and not the elbow. I am not sure why I thought I should concentrate on turning the elbow.

One of my better groupings.

One of my better groupings today.


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