Training 15-10-2014

Today was quite interesting. I got 3 decent rounds and found out why I sometimes hit my elbow joint with the string. What I learned is that my shoulder is too high which causes the elbow joint to get in the way, not to mention leading to a less than optimal setup as there is also decreased back tension.

I shot a few arrows but unfortunately by the time I had learned how to correct this it was almost time to head home. The new and better setup still feels incredible awkward, but I am sure that will change with the repetitions and training.

The scoring for the rounds were. round 1: 182, round 2: 155, round 3: 175, round 4: 60 (I only shot 12 arrows in round 4). Round 1-3 was shot with 30 arrows. As you can see my score dropped in round 2, but that is to be expected as I was working on the new technique there. Near the end of round 3 I was starting to have it down.


One of my better series. I did take out the x but unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of that.


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