Training 30-10-2014. New arrow shelf and plunger

I got two rounds of 30 arrows at at 161 and 166 points, that is pretty bad. Okay, now that is out of the way let’s talk about something interesting instead.

Today I got a new arrow shelf installed, had my nockpoint adjusted and tried out a bayer plunger and my arrows had a much smooth path though the air to the target. I think they also grouped better, I certainly didn’t have any of those freak shots that are way off target, so I will be looking to get a plunger of my own.

I was told a Cartel should be a good starting point to get a cheap plunger.

No picture today because I forgot to take one.


Training 29-10-2014

I got there early and there generally wasn’t a  queue at the range which meant that I got to shoot more arrows than usual. Ended up at 108 arrows before it was time to close and go home. My score was

Round 1: 183 (30 arrows)

Round 2: 172 (30 arrows)

Round 3: 178 (30 arrows)

Round 4: 101 (18 arrows)

I am quite happy with that as it means my average total has gone up.

First good shot of the day.

First good shot of the day.

Second good shot of the day.

Second good shot of the day.

They could obviously be better but I don’t have nearly as many freak shots that are way off target.

Training 27-10-2014

Time to put into practice what I had learned from the seminar. I wrote about changing my foot position because of my arrows going to the left, while I have decided to leave them as it is as I found out why; I had completely forgotten to use the bowstring as a rear sight marker. That fixed the arrows going to the left.

I did have two good rounds, but right now, there are too many things to think of to get consistent good results. I have to

1: Make sure the bowstring is in the same place each time.

2: shoot with a low shoulder

3: make double sure I don’t over grip with my bow hand.

The two rounds, 30 arrows each, I scored for were 203 points. Which is just 1 point short of a tie with my best indoor score, and 171 points. Not too bad but I could definitely see my score drop towards the end with a miss and several arrows in the black and white lines.

Oh and I adjusted my nock point so that took some getting used to.

Seminar with Martin Damsbo, Patrick Laursen and Erica Anear

I had been looking forward to today as today is the day when the seminar which one the clubs archers won earlier this year was taking place, and it was a great. The price was to have two national level archers and trainers come and coach us. The two were Martin Damsbo and Patrick Laursen, as a bonus Erica Anear also came along to help out.

All of us had our form looking over and recorded and was giving things to work with. Hopefully I will have those videos soon so I can share them with you.

I found out I need to work with relaxing my bow hand as it was way too tight. I had a tendency to grip it immediately after release, which isn’t  a bad thing if it always happened after release, but sometimes it happened after. Since I am using a finger sling I might as well learn to relax the whole time and let the sling catch the bow.  On the plus side my back tension and release was fine.

After I had adjusted my bow hand my groupings were immediately better. but unfortunately they now had a tendency to go left. I learned that the reason for this was my foot position. Playing around with my foot position I found out I could adjust it so the the arrows wasn’t going so far to the left. I also learned you can have too wide a position as my arrows started to go right at one point.

Overall I think it was a great experience and I learned quite a few things I probably wouldn’t have noticed on my own, and if I remember to do things properly I will hit the center.

Training 23-10-2014

Things went pretty well today, granted its not a new PR or even a better score than yesterday but I learned a few tweaks to my form to get a more consistent shot in the future.

I shot a full WA 18m round. with a total of 322. Not good, in fact its worse than yesterday. Probably due to quite a few misses.

BUT! Check out the this picture I took of my last 3 arrows. Now you might say, but CongressTart, I see only 2 arrows where is the 3rd? I am glad you asked. A leprechaun ate it.


Check out that grouping! As for the 3rd arrow, a leprechaun ate it.

I also shot another 10 arrows and ended up at 166 points. That was rather meh,. Interestingly at the end I think I actually got a slightly longer draw length as my arrows started to go high.

Start of wintershooting

My club has signed up for an online wintershooting contest organzied by, and today was the first start of the competition. Its an indoor contest so its at 18 meters and at 40cm full face or triple face with two rounds of each 30 arrows.

First round: 183 points,

First round: 183 points,

Second round: 161 points

Second round: 161 points

I got 183 in the first round and 161 int he second for a total of 344 points – a long way up to the full 600. But hey I am not aiming for that anyway.

In other news I fixed my elbow getting in the way. The trick is to turn the shoulder deltoids and not the elbow. I am not sure why I thought I should concentrate on turning the elbow.

One of my better groupings.

One of my better groupings today.

Training 16-10-2014

Today I kept working on getting into a proper position for back tension without my elbow joint getting the in the way. I still need to learn how to rotate my elbow away, but for now I found a work around. I found out I can keep my elbow joint from getting string slapped by having the bow press into my thumb instead of its usual place between thumb and the first digit. It’s not optimal but that way I can keep my straight and so maintain the same draw length.

The other temporary solution is to keep a slight bend in my arm, but the problem here is to keep the bend the same with each shot as any variation with cause a difference in my draw length.

Today I completed 3 rounds with the results. 1. round: 147 points, 2. round: 196, 3. round: 174. Second round is my 2nd best scoring ever done indoors so thats a definite improvement. In the first round I spend quite a few rounds still getting my form down and remembering things, all the different technique adjustments results in a different string walking position so I had to find that again.

In the 3rd round I was getting tired, but I compensated for that by changing my string walking position.

Not the best shot I made today. But the grouping is one of the better.

Not the best shot I made today. But the grouping is one of the better.