A year has gone by and an archer has been born.

Okay, so a little more than a year actually since my latest posts. What has happened in the mean time? I started and stopped learning olympic weightlifting. I tried for about 9-12 months but I never made much progress and my hand started to give me trouble whenever it was in the snatch grip position, so I stopped and went back to regular powerlifting for my strength training.

I have also picked up archery, and my first real competition is on Saturday as I will be competing in the danish nationals in 3d, I will be shooting in the barebow recurve class. Technically this is an open competition meaning that you dont have to to qualify to enter. With the best shooters in the county coming, I am just there to have fun.

My goals are 1: Not to be last. 2: Get a point with every arrow/not shoot any arrows away.

The indoor season has just started and the good thing is my groupings are improving. This was my best shot from yesterday. It was shot from 18m at a 40cm face.

My bow shoots quite a bit to the left so it will need adjusting, but that will have to wait until after the competition as I have learned where to point to compensate.


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