Danish Nationals 2014 3D – the evaluation.

3D DM 2014 came and went, and I have finally got enough rest. As it turns out, trudging around for 12 hours in steel toed shoes is rather tiring. Who knew. After I got home I was awake for an hour or so before sleeping for 8-9 hours, got up for 4-5 hours and then got another couple of hours a sleep before retiring to bed at my normal time.

Now for the more interesting part of the event itself. I was surprised to see I was in a 4 person group, since most of the groups consist of 6, which is cool because that just means less waiting for other people to shoot. Moreover I found out that one of the people in the group is one of the best shooters in Denmark and part of the national team representing Denmark in EC and WC championship. While that sounds cool, I only realized that because I recognized his name from the scoring sheets and not from a photo, which is a shame because I later learned from a nationals team photo that there was more people from national team present. – I should probably follow the national team more closely from now on in case I end up in a group with or more of them again.

I think for my first proper competition this went quite okay. Naturally I didn’t win, but then I was hardly expecting that. But I didn’t, permanently, shoot any arrows away either. I did shoot an arrow away at one of the first targets but luckily another group found it and passed it on.  I didn’t hit all of the targets, far from it. But I wasnt last in my group either.

My group consisted of two barebow shooters and two longbow instinctive shooters. The two barebow shooters was the already mentioned national team member and myself, so any hopes of winning the group or my class was out the window :P. However he turned out to be  a fine gentleman who was quite willing to teach and give pointers to the rest of the group. I learned that the reason why my arrows go to the left is, probably, because I lose tension in my bow arm at the same time as I release the arrow. He also mentioned my low elbow, but I already knew that I intentionally have it lower as I shoot more precise that way – probably since I don’t loose tension in my bow arm as often that way, but I know what to work on.

The final score was 246, although the official score came out at 241. I can’t be bothered about the last 5 points as it wont change anything the scoring. The closest competitor was some 100+ points ahead of me, so meh.

dm 3d 2014

My scoring sheet

I had better luck in the bonus competition that was arranged. A competition in a flu flu contest where the aim was to get the highest score on a 9 meter diameter target. Really hard to get a precise shot, but nonetheless I managed to score with all 3 of my arrows for a total of 21 points. Which after everyone else had shot ended up being tied for 4th place. So my and the other dude who had also shot 21 one had to do a reshoot, unfortunately I lost this one, I got 2 and he got 4.

My arrows are silver and landed on 9, 6, 6.


It was the worst of scores, it was the (second) best of scores.

Today was the last training day with the rest of the club before the nationals on Saturday, and it was a very mixed experience. The first 30 arrows ended up being the worst total I have never had indoors. At 18m on a 40cm face I got 115 points out of 300.

The next 30 arrows however is a different story altogether. I ended up with a total of  185 points which is my 2nd best score I have had indoors at 40m, 40cm face.

My best score was done yesterday with 204 points.

A year has gone by and an archer has been born.

Okay, so a little more than a year actually since my latest posts. What has happened in the mean time? I started and stopped learning olympic weightlifting. I tried for about 9-12 months but I never made much progress and my hand started to give me trouble whenever it was in the snatch grip position, so I stopped and went back to regular powerlifting for my strength training.

I have also picked up archery, and my first real competition is on Saturday as I will be competing in the danish nationals in 3d, I will be shooting in the barebow recurve class. Technically this is an open competition meaning that you dont have to to qualify to enter. With the best shooters in the county coming, I am just there to have fun.

My goals are 1: Not to be last. 2: Get a point with every arrow/not shoot any arrows away.

The indoor season has just started and the good thing is my groupings are improving. This was my best shot from yesterday. It was shot from 18m at a 40cm face.

My bow shoots quite a bit to the left so it will need adjusting, but that will have to wait until after the competition as I have learned where to point to compensate.