The famous thorny barbell of Pavia

I found this photo of a bad-ass looking barbell in an old weightlifting magazine from 2003. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any other information about it.  I have contacted the club this barbell belongs to for more information, hopefully they will get back to me.


Cui Wenhua attempting the thorny barbell of Pavia





Finger Grip Strengthening

On my rest days I normally do some grip training and some ab wheel roll-outs and maybe some glute work if I feel like going to the gym. Today was almost a total rest day with just some grip work.

  • Hand Gripper:
    • 0.1 kg x 5 reps (+6 pts)
    • Crumbling up newspapers

The “crumbling up newspapers” note is an exercise I recently learned from Finger Grip Strengthening. Unlike more traditional grip exercises like Farmer’s Walk and Hand Grippers this exercise works all the fingers by moving them.