Current state of training

Two months later and a new post appears. I haven’t really been very active with this blog as you can see from the last post which is almost exactly two months old. I am still doing olympic weightlifting where I am progressing slowly and mostly surely, there are of course sometimes setbacks. 

The weights I am lifting during olympic training is really quite light as I ended up power snatching and power cleaning the weight instead of going down into the full snatch and clean. Getting under and down is where my focus is currently with my training. For that purpose I aim to train 4 times a week during olympic lifts. Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning with my usual training partners and then Thursday evening with some other people. Thursdays are a really light technique day where I just do 5 sets of 3 reps snatch and 5 sets of 3 clean and jerk with light weights focusing on form, as I need to be ready for more the next day.

Since the weight is still light as I am working on the technique to get the basics right and consistent I am considering to add a second training pass on Monday, Wednesday and Friday where I will work on my strength doing powerlifting  style training – until recovery becomes a problem and the weight from the olympic sessions gets heavy.

The planned training would then look like this

Monday (morning)


Snatch Pull

(Front squat)

Monday evening

(Front squat)



I will only do front squats in one session it depends on how fresh I feel at the end of the olympic workout if I do them in the morning or evening. Lately my squats has really suffered as I am not feeling strong at that point in the training.


Wednesday morning


Push Press

(Overhead squat)

Wednesday evening

(Back squat)

Bench, or another pushing exercise


I really suck at overhead squatting so this may get snubbed to work on weak point training.


5x3xl25kg Snatch

6x3xl40kg Clean and Jerk

The weight may go up a little but the point is that it should not be a strenuous weight on this day.

Friday morning

Clean and Jerk

Clean pull

(Back squat)

Friday evening

(Back squat)




This might be entirely too ambitious at this point as I am going from 3.5 times a week to 7 times a week. The exercises for the evening training will probably be switched around as I work on what needs to be training most. I will probably also put front squats in the middle of the weak and then back squat Monday and Friday instead if I start to train like this.


To see my actual training follow me on fitocracy.



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