Sunday Reading – the lazy edition

Like the headline says this is the lazy version as I haven’t made any summary of the links. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read them.

Does it Hurt? by Mike Boyle

Starting Strength: Analyzing the Squat (PDF)

Filling in Your Knowledge Gaps

3 types of clients; how we coach them

What’s in a Toe Touch?


The Myth of Willpower and “Eat Less, Move More”

Destroying FatWar Room Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss

New Uses For Creatine

Best Ways to Make Dieting Easier

The Best Diet In The World


GUEST POST: Can CrossFit improve aerobic fitness and body composition?

My Philosospy of Strength

T-Spine Rx

Choosing Conventional or Sumo Based on Your Bone Structure

6 Tips for People Who Stand All Day

Arching versus Bracing

Power Clean Corrective Teaching Techniques

Nothing Beats Single-Leg Training

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 37

General vs. Specific Conditioning


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