Sunday Reading: Pull-ups, John Broz, progressive overload, Schwarzenegger’s workout routine.

Eric Cressey has an excellent lengthy article on things you should be aware of when doing pull-ups/chins as it might cause you problems

Strength Training Programs: Are Pull-ups THAT Essential?

Jen Sinkler has an Q & A with John Broz, who is a coach teaching the Bulgarian system “meaning his athletes lift super heavy, super often — as in twice a day six days a week, and once on Sunday”

Brain Pick: Q & A with John Broz

Bret Contras has posted 10 rules about progressive overload. It is well worth a read as there is more, well more than one way to do progressive overload.

The Ten Rules of Progressive Overload

For the next link I was tempted not to write anything but just let it stand on its own. I reconsidered. The workout in question is from when he was at the top of his carreer and should obviously not be attempted by beginners.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout Routine


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