My thoughts on Gym-Pact. A good way to earn money for the already active.

I signed up for Gym-Pact recently to try it out. If you don’t know about this already its an Iphone and Android app where you get payed for working out. The way it works if that if you don’t work out they are withdrawing money from you, which is at the minimum pledged amount $5 USD for each missed workout, up for $50 if you like pissing money down the drain.

If you sign up for working out 3 times a week with a pledge of $5 and you only end up going once you are charged $10 as the pledge is for each workout. On the flip-side if you are not missing any of your planned workouts are the beginning of next week you are getting payed.

The amount of money you earn is determined by the number of days you workout and not the amount of money you have pledged. Which means the only reason to pledge more than $5 is if you can’t be arsed working out for that amount. Unless you are feeling altruistic and wants to increase the amount of money the people who keep to their schedule makes, in which case feel free to set your pledge to 50 bucks as that means more money to the consistent ones.

What is really interesting to me though is that they are supporting RunKeeper workouts. This support means that I can workout for 7 days a week without changing anything on my part is I am already walking at a minimum of 30 minutes daily, which is the amount of time required for Gym-Pact to recognise it ( at a pace of miles per hour).

If you are interested in trying it out here is some tips for optimizing your earnings.

Sign up with a referral code this will give you and the person whose referral code you use $5 the first time you log  a workout. Secondly, make sure that you take the “$5 buck challenge/trial” instead of starting straight out as a full user as that will get you amount 5 bucks – making you start your first week with $10 in the bank.

You should note that the amount of money you earn are quite low. On the signup page they have a projected earning if you train X days per week. For the first week my earnings was half of the projected amount, the following weeks this amount was slightly lower each time. My first week I earned $2.45 for a full 7 days. The second week $2.17, third $2.1. Altogether my total earnings are $16.72 for three weeks.

If you have a holiday planned or don’t feel like using the program anymore you must freeze/delete your account or you will continue to be withdrawn. If you happen to get sick and can’t workout you can contact their support with a notice from your Doctor and you will not pay.

I have had quite good experience from their support with a reply within a couple of hours. I contacted them because for some reason one RunKeeper workout was syncing with Gym-Pact, I got a reply back they they had added the missing workout and so my pledge for the week was fulfilled and I got my earnings.

If you want to try it out I really  urge you to use a referral code, if you haven’t got one you can use mine isolaKimTh


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