Sunday Reading: stretching, bands, mobility and general lifting tips.

Eric Cressey has an excellent article about 15 stretching mistakes people make

15 Static Stretching Mistakes

Jordan Syatt has a rather meaty article covering what load vector training is and links to read more, as well as ankle mobility

Two Commonly Overlooked Aspects of Programming – Load Vector Training and Ankle Mobility

Charles Staley has written an article for T-Nation about his 6 most recent training discoveries, you might know about them already but a refresher and a new perspective never hurts.

My 6 Most Important Training Discoveries

Fitocrat GZCL has published his training method. It is an interesting read as he is new to powerlifting and already has set some records, setting two state records and a IPL world record with a 529 pounds (240kg) deadlift at a BW of 146.6 pounds (66.5kg)You can read more about his program at his blog where you can also download an excel sheet to help you. You can download his program from Scribd here

Jordan Syatt has an article on how to improve your bench press by using a bigger leg drive and improve mobility.

6 Little-Known Tips to Improve Your Bench Press

Speaking of mobility Dan Blewett have written an article for T-Nation on how to improve mobility though heavy lifts. Which should come in handy for the typically much neglected mobility part of strength training.

5 Heavy Lifts To Increase Mobility

Muscle and Strength has an excellent article about fat loss where they explain, if not everything then close to it. A must read if there is anything you are unsure of.

Expert Guide: Fat Loss

Greg Nuckols have written a thoughtful article about why you should keep looking outward to find stronger people than you to beat.

The size of your pond

Mike Robertson have posted a video about what you should look for when assessing posture in a single leg stance.

Assessing Posture in Single-Leg Stance


I promise this is the last article from Jordan Syatt this week. For those of you who are traveling and don’t have access to a regular gym he have posted a series of articles about training abroad. For these exercises you will need a band.

Training Abroad: My Favorite Lower-Body Compound Movements

Training Abroad: My Favorite Upper-Body Compound Movements


I don’t know who the author of the blog is of the next two posts, but they are interesting nonetheless. The first is about expanding your training base so you can train more times per week.

Elevating the peak of the pyramid

The second is by Anthony Ditillo about how partial presses can increase shoulder hypertrophy and strength.

Shoulder size & power – Anthony Ditillo


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