First outdoor shooting of the year and new loot

Today I went along with some other members of the club to raid a nearby archery shop. We all came back with varying amount of loot, including new arrows, faces, nocks and so plenty more.

I was going to get a Beiter plunger, but I found out that the long plunger I need for my Samick Sage/Polaris bow is not very widely used anymore, and I didn’t want to pay that amount for a plunger I can only use on this bow. Heck, the plunger costs more than I paid for the bow.

In the end I came back with a new Easton backpack, Orange neon wraps, so the arrows are easier to find when I miss, particularly useful for 3d, and some nifty little magnet thing so you can quickly detach and attach small things like an arrow puller.

Archery loot, April 2015

Oh, and before I forget. After the raid was over we all celebrated with the first unofficial outdoor shooting, the weather was perfect! the sun was shining and there was no wind, and at least 3 rabbits was frolicking while we were there.


Training 14-01-2015. First 10s of the year

Just finished counting my score and I have so say I am quite surprised. I was about to say something about my first round not being that good because I was adjusting a couple of things I had read and been reminded of. However as it turns out my first round was actually my best.

My first 10 of the year I got in the 2nd round, while in the 3rd round I got two 10s in the same serie.

First 10th of the year

First 10th of the year

Two 10s

Two 10s

My scoreboard for today.

Date Target Distance Date Target Distance Date Target Distance
14. januar 2015 40 cm 18 m 14. januar 2015 40 cm 18 m 14. januar 2015 40 cm 18 m
Arrow nr. Arrow 1 Arrow 2 Arrow 3 Arrow nr. Arrow 1 Arrow 2 Arrow 3 Arrow nr. Arrow 1 Arrow 2 Arrow 3
3 6 1 M 3 3 1 M 3 8 8 2
6 3 1 M 6 8 4 3 6 7 6 1
9 6 6 1 9 6 4 4 9 7 6 3
12 8 7 M 12 7 6 6 12 5 4 M
15 8 4 4 15 6 6 4 15 5 4 M
18 8 7 6 18 3 3 M 18 8 5 2
21 9 8 2 21 10 9 7 21 8 7 M
24 8 6 4 24 4 4 M 24 10 10 1
27 9 9 5 27 6 2 M 27 4 3 1
30 8 8 6 30 4 3 1 30 5 4 M
Total 73 57 28 Total 57 42 25 Total 67 57 10
Tottal sum 158 Tottal sum 124 Tottal sum 134

My fitocracy year in review 2014

So today we got the yearly year in review from the social training logging site fitocracy. Compared to 2013 my numbers are generally down. That however can easiliy be explained by the fact that I took up archery at the expense of lifting weights, and with the way fito’s scoring algoritm works archery gets less points than lifting.

Of course it doesnt help that near the end of the year I didn’t practice my archery or go the gym.

Anyway here are the stats.

Training 12-01-2015

First time training in the new year. I meant to go last week, but unfortunately I got a cold I decided to stay home rather than risk spreading my illness around.

It wont be a surprise to anyone that taking time off something for extended periods of time badly doesn’t exactly improve your score when you come back. Which is also the case with me, I shot two rounds of 30 arrows. The tally for the first round was 131 points. Including my most abysmal scoring ever indoor, 3 misses in a row. Yikes. Funny enough, the next 3 arrows immediately following the 3 misses was my best grouping of the evening and my best score too.

The next round I managed to make two misses in a row, so thankfully no more 3 misses, the round in total was only slightly better than the first round with 138 points.

Best grouping of the evening. Immediately prior to this I got 3 misses.

Best grouping of the evening. Immediately prior to this I got 3 misses.

Date Target Distance Date Target Distance
12. januar 2015 40 cm 18 m 12. januar 2015 40 cm 18 m
Arrow nr. Arrow 1 Arrow 2 Arrow 3 Arrow nr. Arrow 1 Arrow 2 Arrow 3
3 6 5 1 3 5 5 2
6 8 6 4 6 8 3 M
9 8 3 2 9 1 M M
12 10 4 4 12 8 6 4
15 6 4 3 15 7 5 4
18 6 5 2 18 6 6 5
21 7 6 2 21 6 3 1
24 3 3 1 24 8 7 5
27 m m m 27 7 5 5
30 8 7 7 30 9 5 2
Total 62 43 26 Total 65 45 28
Tottal sum 131 Total sum 138

Wintershooting. 12-11-2014

Today was the last leg of the winter shooting tournament arranged by I got some rather peculiar results. My result after 30 arrows was 183, my results for the next 30 arrows was also 183. I don’t think that has ever happened before.

I did have some bad miss shoots and most of arrows spread to all the winds. The good news is that I realized what I had been doing wrong slash forgot to do. I had forgot to draw along my cheek which meant that I got an inconsistent anchor at my chin. Once I remembered that I got much better results.

Anyway the you shoot 60 arrows not 30 so my result was 366 points.

The picture below is of my last 3 arrows, and the last arrow hit the center, not a bad way to end the shooting, with 10-9-8.


Last arrow, 10 points.

Halloween event 2014

Did not get any training done today, as today was a Halloween event in the archery club. Some very enterprising members had made cakes and decorated with ghosts and similar. As for shooting everyone was to shoot at a pumpkin that had two yellow stickers as eyes, this was the only area that counted, at least initially.

You see we all had to shoot with longbows and no one in the club, at least none present, normally shoots with a longbow so we were all on unfamiliar territory. On top of that, we had to use our non-dominant arm. That was round one, and since nobody even hit the pumpkin, the rules was changed so that we could use our dominant arm instead. That helped a little, but I was still at a disadvantage as all the bows were right handed and I am left handed.

However since we still did not get any points, the rules was altered again so that 1: all the kids were shooting closer and 2: just hitting the pumpkin would give 5 points.

This finally moved the score along and after we had shot the designated 6 arrows we had just two shooters left which then went into a reshoot, and amazingly enough they both scored the same with their two arrows. At this, it was declared a draw and we could get on with packing up and eating the rest of the cake.

Training 30-10-2014. New arrow shelf and plunger

I got two rounds of 30 arrows at at 161 and 166 points, that is pretty bad. Okay, now that is out of the way let’s talk about something interesting instead.

Today I got a new arrow shelf installed, had my nockpoint adjusted and tried out a bayer plunger and my arrows had a much smooth path though the air to the target. I think they also grouped better, I certainly didn’t have any of those freak shots that are way off target, so I will be looking to get a plunger of my own.

I was told a Cartel should be a good starting point to get a cheap plunger.

No picture today because I forgot to take one.